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Dinner With Mendoza

September 2, 2014

Dinner with Mendoza last night (and Mocita Mendoza)… Mendoza paid, thank you so much, and aside from one of his pitchers blowing up after another as the waitress brought each course, he was reasonably pleased with the turn of events–including the “I don’t want the first round bye, you take it” race away from second place, and the much more enthusiastic chase for the sixth and final playoff spot.

Mendoza opined that sixth was there to be had by any number of teams, but only Shaggy was the one willing to make the moves to try and grab it. Coach claimed he’d go on a run, and he delivered, but came up a hair short when a move here or there could have put him over the top.

Fiendish plots are often hatched at these meetings, and the fiendish plot this time is to try to make Saget’s head explode at next year’s draft. The m.o. is to identify which team Saget is bolusing, grab one or two key players off that team a round or two early, and force-feed them to Saget in return for top non-Bolus talent. The game’s afoot.

What left us most mystified was the idea of where pitchers were going to go next year. WNM pointed out in post-draft commentary that more pitchers went in the top-100 than this blog projected; next year we wonder if the first four rounds might be half-pitching. Team Frodo has shown it’s a viable strategy. Come the second and third rounds of the draft, will people want the hitter with a wart or two (“all speed”, “25-30 HR, but no speed”, “20/20, but OBP-minus”, “oh crap, not another outfielder”) or will people say “there’s a guy who’s money every fifth day”.

Time will tell.

Confidential to the New York Mets:  Screw you, you worthless pieces of [SNIP–GCBL Lawyers] 


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