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The Trade: Why did I do it?

September 4, 2014

For the record, I didn’t make the choice. Shaggy did. I offered him either side of the trade, and he wanted the mid-round picks. Ordinarily I would want his side of the deal, but the coming year is shaping up to be different.

First, the pitching craze is on. If I wait til the fourth round to get an ace pitcher, there won’t be any.

Second, there’s a shortage at first base that will be acute by the time the fourth round gets there. What does the depth chart look like at first?

Abreu, Miggy, Goldy, E-5, Rizzo, and Freeman all go in the first three rounds. Votto likely as well, as we use OBP and he’s Canadian etc. Carlos Santana is not Canadian but would have been good enough to join Rush, so I can see him going too, although most people will play him at C. Look at whose left: Pujols, Napoli, A-Gonz, and V-Mart are all a year older. Big Papi will be 39, and doesn’t look like qualifying anyway. There are injury risks for the brave (Chiefly Fielder, but Belt’s there too as is Hosmer), guys coming off underwhelming years (Chris Davis, Buster Posey, Billy Butler) and sneaky dual eligibles (Alvarez, Murphy) but are these guys you get excited about?

Furthermore, given the shallowness at 3B, most of us if not all of us will want two 1B, or maybe three. Shaggy is welcome to fill up on the old and broken first basemen, the Matt Shoemakers of the pitching world, and Jean Segura in the 9th. Sorry kids. I’m getting two of the top first basemen, somebody else, and three ace pitchers. And I’m finishing first in the regular season again.


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