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So it can be done, then.

September 20, 2014

We’re not going to mouth any results–oh, fuck it, let’s mouth them: Mendoza’s won this thing. Up 10-4 in the final with two days to go against the least-bad of two horrid teams in the other semifinal, only a choke of ’87 Jays proportions could change that. No, I’m not using any single bungled-baseball-play as metaphor (although those three errors on the one play the Dodgers committed a couple weeks back is tempting). This isn’t a one-play thing with Mendoza; it would be a complete collapse.

But I digress.

I wanted to point out that Mendoza can be 11th at the end of April and win the league.

Shaggy can be 12th in July, and reach the final.

Their teams had problems, but they went out and fixed them. And here they are.

This league needs more activist owners. The guys who don’t show up at the draft, don’t trade, don’t post, and are content to just prop up the rest of the standings are dead weight. Mendoza and Shaggy have shown they’re never out of it until it’s actually finished. More people should play the same way.


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