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Big Meeting Tuesday Night

December 21, 2014

As a Mom, I want this league to be a safe place in which our child-members can play. So when Mendoza called this week in re: Dutch Boy, I knew we had to do something. Seems Dutch Boy has been digging into the Sabrmetric toolbox, noted Derek Jeter’s BABIP was really low in 2014, and told Mendoza that he was “targeting Jeter as a buy-low bounce back sleeper at a scarce position”.

So we’re going out for a bite to eat on Tuesday to help Dutch Boy with his offseason prep.

We would invite the league’s other locals to join us, but funny old world that it is, there aren’t any other league-members in province. So if you’d like to mail in some tips for Dutch Boy, I’ll print them off and make sure he gets them.


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