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…and another frequent rant returns…

January 3, 2015

Rotoworld comes in for a fair amount of abuse on this blog. If Rotoworld was one guy in his mom’s basement well we’d be kinder, but they’re owned by NBC Sports, partner with Yahoo, and apparently have all kinds of coin to hire all kinds of writers. The thing is, many of them are fucking shitty. Here’s 2015’s first egregiously know-nothing capsule, on Ricky Romero (emphasis mine):


Ricky Romero (knee) is expected to be fully healthy and ready to go for spring training.

The veteran southpaw had been battling knee issues since the 2012 season. He hasn’t been an effective big league starter since 2011, but is still just 30-years-old and there are several openings in the Jays rotation. With a strong showing in the spring, he could conceivably break camp with the club.


Are you fucking kidding me? Yes, it’s possible Romero could suddenly be healthy. It’s possible if he’s healthy that he could make the ‘pen. I guess if he throws 20 scoreless innings in March he could be named the #5 starter. But where are the “several openings” in the Jays’ rotation?

Dickey, Buehrle, Hutchison, Stroman. There’s four.

Romero, to get the fifth spot, needs to beat out all of Estrada, Norris, everyone else kicking around the high minors, … and all THAT assumes Sanchez is in the pen.

Could it happen? Sure, I guess. The Jays are paying Romero anyway. They could bump some hump off the 40-man and give Romero a shot. We all saw “The Natural”. But it’s unlikely. And if it’s predicated on the Jays having “several” openings in the rotation, it’s nuts.

Mendoza’s Addendum: “What’s more incredible is the [sourced] link for the ]Rotoworld] post doesn’t say any of that. Crazy rotoworld.”

 Crazy indeed.


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