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Royals out on Shields? Maybe this is why.

January 17, 2015

2013 Kansas City Royals Photo Day   He’s old and he sucks. The end.

Well, OK, he doesn’t totally suck in non-pressure, small market situations. But James “Big Inning” Shields isn’t worth anything close to the 5/$110M deal he claims to have in his pocket. At age 33, 4/$70M likely makes sense, and someone could guarantee a fifth year at the same AAV to get to 5/$87.5M. Somewhere above 5/$87.5M and blow 5/$100M, the deal starts to stink from the club’s point of view..

But the question becomes, after a World Series run, why aren’t the Royals that team that has brought Shields back into the fold? They seem to like him, and bizarrely give him the ball in high-pressure situations. I may have the answer. The Royals exchanged arbitration figures with seven (seven!) guys on Friday, and the collective discrepancy is $10M.

Player, Millions asked for, Millions offered, [Millions Difference]

Lorenzo Cain, 3.6, 2, [1.6]

Kelvim Herera, 1.19, 1.15, [0.75]

Eric Hosmer, 6.7, 4.6, [2.1]

Greg Holland, 9, 6.65, [2.35]

Danny Duffy, 3, 1.75, [1.25]

Jarrod Dyson, 1.6, 0.9, [0.7]

Mike Moustakas, 3.1, 1.85, [1.25]

Now you win some, you lose some, and you’ll surely settle some, but let’s say realistically your net outlay above your offers is “somewhere” between $2.5 million and $7.5 million, but it could be anywhere in there. For a small to mid-market team, that’s a significant amount of uncertainty. The only clarity there might be that it’s hamstringing your team from going above $15M AAV on Shields–which likely means you’re out.

And that’s KC.

As long as the Sawx or Bucs don’t overpay for Shields, this writer is perfectly fine.


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  1. Steven permalink

    Can’t wait for the Sox to bring him in.

    • Ken Rosenthal says Jays now interested again.
      Do not mind 4/$70M or similar, even for Sawx.
      But if Jays have that money, I think they should have given it to Nelson Cruz. Or given two thirds of it to Melky.

      • Steven permalink

        I agree. Rumor is the 5/110 was from the Rockies.

  2. Rockies would shock me. I thought they were trying to tear down. Do not see how they think they can compete with with Dodgers or Giants, or suddenly the Padres…

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