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Proxy Ballot Issue #2: Holds

January 20, 2015

Burger and I are in agreement on this one.

Before I tell you what we agree on, just think about that. Burger and I are in agreement. That’s not an agreement on cats being cute. This is apocalyptic cats and dogs living together in harmony stuff. This is the Yankees, Sawx, and Dodgers all agreeing not to bid on Max Scherzer. Oh. Wait. Well it’s still a big fucking deal.

We think holds are stupid and should not be their own category. The argument is pretty straightforward.

Set-up man enters to start the 8th, up 3-0.  Loud out. Walk. Dinger. Hooked for the lefty specialist.

0.1 IP, 54.00 ERA, 54.00 WHIP, BB… and a hold?!

Really? That performance gets rewarded in a category where you only need 5 or 6 a week to win?

All right, let’s say I’ve convinced you that holds maybe shouldn’t be its own category. How should scoring be handled?

Well, just do something. As to what, it’s been at least four years that I’ve muttered about this and I’m entirely out of fucks to give. Possibilities:

–Over in the auction league we fold saves and holds into the same category, and take the net, so blown saves and holds hurt. So it’s Net (Saves plus Holds). As a 7th category we use Home Runs Allowed (less is better).

–In searching for a 7th category, there are lots of ways to do it if Home Runs Allowed aren’t your thing. Split up K/BB into K/9 and BB/9. Add in blown saves as a category. There are a crapload of categories.

–Mendoza is musing about going 6X6, which would imply killing Holds or folding it in with Saves. More on that in another post, but, that’s fine too.

I’m not fussy, but please do something.


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  1. Copper permalink

    Since its basically out of the bag, my proposal is to move to 6 offensive and 6 pitching cats. Drop OBP and XBH while adding OPS for hitting. For pitching, drop Holds and Saves and replace with Net Saves/Holds or just drop Hold outright. I would like to keep a pitching/hitting cat balance.

    My reasoning is pretty simple, OPS is a combination of OBP and slugging but HRs help you in one less category which may help teams that emphasize speed or on base guys a little more. At this point SBs seem to be a cat off by itself that most people ignore. If you can win without dominant power than that opens things up in the draft and makes guys like Billy Hamilton and Dee Gordon a little more valuable as well as a high OBP players who might not hit for a lot of power.

    Pitching wise I’d like to reduce the value of holds since there are tonnes of them in the draft, too many in fact. Closers are universally valued but in our league there isn’t much sense in drafting them at all. This way at least you would be hurt if your pitcher sucks.

    Another option would be to drop Holds altogether and vastly improve the value of traditional closers. Either way works.

    Ideally, the cat change along with 2 catchers and things would be pretty sweet in my opinion.

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