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Ask an Actual Chemist…

January 25, 2015

Real life occasionally creeps into this blog as we seek professional advice from league members. Burger helps me when I can’t log in. Saget provides dental/medical injury forecasts. Coach will beat Blue Book every time.

Today’s segment is “Ask a Chemist”,  where we put Mendoza on the hot seat. He should be used to such things, after spending much of Friday afternoon in the witness box in court. (We joke about a lot of things in this space, but actual testimony under oath is not trifled with. Mendoza’s a free man, for the time being.)

The Boston Herald, quoting Dustin Pedroia, reports:

In fact, after telling the Herald earlier in the week that he’s “ready and motivated like never before” to prove he’s over a series of hand injuries that have caused a four-year decline in his offensive production, the All-Star second baseman and de facto team captain doubled-down.

“The ball’s going to go farther,” Pedroia said. “The balls are going 400 feet now (in batting practice). And then, when you add 5 mph (against pitchers), I’m not a chemist or anything, it’s probably going to go 500.”

OK, so he not a chemist. You are Mendoza, so what say you? (The smart-ass response of “Pedroia mustn’t be a physicist either” has already been taken.)


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One Comment
  1. Copper permalink

    Holy crap, unlike Rotoworld that quote is accurate.

    My only assumption is this is a Freudian slip, I assume “chemist” is his pharmaceutical rep that he’s using.

    Although, everyone knows chemisty explains all things from how to make a hit TV show or make extra money in your spare time.


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