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Proxy Ballot Issue #4: New Blood

January 27, 2015

We have left the most controversial issue for last. This league needs new blood. There was rumblings about this last August:

Shaggy wrote specifically:

“My team stole more bases tonight (7) with one left on the bench than trades three of these guys together made all season. Connection? These guys are stealing the opportunity from good managers who could fill this league.”

I gave my usual windbag response to Shaggy here:

And I’ll start here by reiterating that “trades shouldn’t be mandatory”.

Having said that, (I’m glad) Mendoza has structured this league such that draft-and-hold type teams can’t really hope to compete. Further, it’s not so much that the waiver wire is thin-by-nature, but (I’m glad) there are about eight guys picking it clean on a daily basis. So if you’re not willing to trade, at best, you’re looking at getting roughly every eighth worthwhile guy on the wire…and since they’re undrafted or on the wire to start with, success is of course not guaranteed. So if the wire can’t make you right, and it can’t, it’s either make the occasional trade or be destined to lose.

Jose tells me he hates the trading process because he hates reading bullshit paragraphs in lopsided deals proposed to him just trying to rip him off. Fuck off, Son, you’re in Human Resources: bullshit is your life. Here’s a tip: respond to trade offers with what you want and what you don’t. Initiate a low-level offer of bench guys you can’t use for bench guys you can. Shit, that’s two tips. Give me one back in the comment section below (preferably, be profane and explain why I’m a cunt). Be more aggressive–don’t just let your team die.

Maasdams employs the passive-aggressive tactic of just not responding to trades. Fuck that shit. Then, when he’s 20 games out of the playoffs with six weeks to go, he figures he’ll do in July what he should have done in April. Come on, Son, this is like Year 4–time to put on the big-boy pants from the start of the year.

Burger selectively plays bad cop on trades involving me or one of my affiliates (Nookie), but lets the other affiliate (Frodo) trade unfettered. How about a little consistency in your freakouts, Son? You can do better in 2015. How about mellowing out, trading more, and whining less?

Swine… oh jesus christ don’t get me started. Just pretend I have Tourette’s.

As long as I’m ranting, there are the teams who won’t trade me Superstar X but assure me “oh I’ll come back to you for your best offer before I do move him”… and then promptly trade X for a holds guy and a guy who can absolutely crush the air above any and all C-minus curveballs, never coming back for my offer.

All right, there. I think I’ve pissed everybody off, maybe Mendoza most of all.

I think we need new blood in this league. Whether that’s expanding to 16, or kicking a couple inactive chumps to the curb, I’m ambivalent. Well, OK, that’s horseshit: I think 14’s plenty. Shaggy’s right: the guys who never trade, never post, and just fizzle out need to do better or find a more casual league with like-minded souls.

Let’s improve the quality of ownership in the league by whatever means necessary.


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