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Saget Q & A

February 1, 2015

It’s early, but does this feel like another BOLUS year, or a non-BOLUS year?

I am going to try to stay away from the “Bolus” strategy….the only way I will pursue it is if I inadvertently draft 6 or 7 of the starting hitters of any particular team…then I will try to trade for the other 2-3 and complete the bolus; however, trades and injuries scuttled that strategy last year and I went from as high as #2 to tumble down to #12 in less than a month at the end of the year. Also, if a player I want lands on 2-3 certain teams, I could offer them a weekend with Paris Hilton and all the cocaine, booze, and lubricant they could want in addition to a generous package of players and they won’t even lift a finger to counter or decline (which is their prerogative). So I will try to resist the urge to bolus.

What spot do you want in the Draft?

Obviously, I like #1. Besides that I like the ability to draft at the last slot in rd 1 and turn around and pick again the next first pick in the next round. I hate being 5,6, or 7  and waiting forever between picks.

The league seems to respect starting pitching more now than it used to. Does that help or hurt your streaming strategy?

I believe the more respect the league has given to pitchers has hurt my streaming strategy: the streaming strategy coincided with the bolus strategy, so I would only do one if I did the other. The bolus/streaming strategy is starting to look like a fluke since it has only worked once in the past 5 years.

What’s your most vivid memory of the 2014 season?

My most vivid 2014 memory was seeing Chase Headley and Stephen Drew being traded in real life to the Yankees and those were the 2 sons of bitches I needed to complete the bolus and gaw-dammit, they wound up on  a team that does not trade or maybe trades once during the season. Again, that’s their prerogative, which coincided with my strategy falling apart and I fell from #2 to #12.

What will be different in 2015?

2015…what’s gonna be different….at this point, beats the shit out of me. I need to see where my draft position is: it seems like players with multiple position eligibility or good hitting catchers go 2-3 rounds before they should. i will mock draft on multiple sheets, but usually I only get 40% of the players I target. The picks that set teams apart are the latter rounds where a Todd Frazier comes out of nowhere and kicks ass and has top value, overshadowing his “top 10” teammate Votto.

Anything else on your mind?

Hanley Ramirez is playing LF…….holy shit and fuck you Panda for leaving the Giants, even though you are not worth the contract you were offered by the Sox or Giants you fat fuck. You do shine in the playoffs though……I feel a Edgar Renteria/Juan Uribe post world series type season coming on. [Works for me–Ed.]

Hey did our dentistry school make the news down there? 13 seniors made some tasteless jokes on Facebook and are getting expelled by the looks of it. If they get expelled, you should be on Death Row.

That’s bullshit….I’m all for freedom of speech. They should be shunned, not expelled. The only thing that crosses the line is child abuse/pornography–everything is fair game: religion, government, sex, etc. I’ll have to look that up


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