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Jays Fans: Miss Melky Yet?

February 27, 2015

2013 Seattle Mariners Photo Day     The oft-injured Michael Saunders.

Well, it was a freak injury but you can’t say something wasn’t coming:

Michael Saunders AB by year, 2010-14: 369, 397, 507, 406, 286

Those numbers include minors AB. They add to 1,965.

Melky Cabrera, same: 458, 658, 459, 344, 568

Melky battled injuries in 2013, and there was that other thing, you know, in 2012, but the total is 2,487.While Melky’s “been around forever”, he only turned 30 in August.

The Jays now set up like one of those NL teams where the bottom third of the order is a free inning for the opposing pitcher. If Justin Smoak is hitting sixth-ish, I wouldn’t think he’ll be challenged often. While it’s not the way the Jays wanted it to shake out, it does seemingly make carrying three catchers more straightforward. Dioner Navarro should get a touch more DH time with a scrub like Andy Dirks pushed exclusively into LF, which isn’t necessarily bad. Hideously bad Josh Thole will now caddy RA Dickey every day and that’s all.

Extra Bags, Innuendo Edition: So far the strangest piece of news I’m caught up on since my absence is BJ Upton’s newfound desire to go by his birth name of Melvin. I guess the “sucking” jokes of the last two seasons were just too easy to write.


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