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Mailbag: Joc Pederson

March 2, 2015

Hey CL,

Any thoughts on Joc Pederson for the blog!?  The dirt sheets I’ve been studying either have him the greatest thing since Bo Jackson (first player in PCL history to record a 30/30 season) or he will strike out too much and Dodgers will resort to a Heisey/Ethier platoon.

Dr. Teeth

Dear Animal,

Well, first thing’s first. There’s no point in the Dodgers holding Pederson down to try to get an extra year of team control, unlike say, Kris Bryant on the Cubs. That ship has sailed. He’s going to start in CF and we’ll see how we go.

He’s 20/20 for me this year, and in our league is comparable to Hunter Pence for 2015. Pence is what 10 years older, and Pederson should get you a few more steals, but the risk factor is that Pederson needs to stay up. Pence is Yahoo #37, MDC #23-#33, and I think if a drafter’s got two solid guys with his first two picks, Pederson is fine as third round talent.

Pederson does strike out more than Pence, but throughout the high minors Pederson has also walked a ton. So in the regular fantasy world he runs the risk of being an AVG liability, but in our league I think, like Pence, he’ll be OBP-neutral in the 330s. The ability to take a walk will also make the Ks easier to bear in real baseball for LA.

In your personal situation, it’s a little bit scruffy to take Pederson at #31 because your first three picks are #3, #31, #77 (what the fuck happened there, Son?). But you know what? given that you’re starting with (Cutch, Stanton, Goldy, Miggy, or Abreu) at #3, WHY NOT take Pederson at #31, especially if your first pick is CI? If he is Bo Jackson, you’ve put yourself in the perfect spot.

Unless things change drastically in the next four weeks, Pederson’s not getting by me in the third round, guaranteed.

Good Old Yahoo O-Rank has him #236 ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.



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One Comment
  1. I was thinking if I were to entertain Pederson….it woulkd be at slot #90-100

    Follow Up ?…..Better Year: Polanco (Pirates) or Pederson

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