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Mailbag Follow-up: Pederson/Polanco

March 3, 2015

Saget comments:

I was thinking if I were to entertain Pederson….it woulkd be at slot #90-100

Follow Up ?…..Better Year: Polanco (Pirates) or Pederson

…and that’s a good question. The interesting (frustrating!) thing with the Pirates is that unless Polanco takes a big step up, the offence is much weaker this year with Russell Martin’s production (2014: .832 OPS) leaving and not being replaced. No, Martin’s not going .832 OPS this year but it’s still a long way down to A-Rod’s BFF Francisco Cervelli and the various internal options who filled in while Martin was on the DL last year.

Looking at the lineup card, Starling Marte should lead off lots, Josh Harrison is figuring it out, and Walker hits righties. Call Harrison and  Walker #2 and #5 or #5 and #2 based on Clint Hurdle’s mood. Cutch #3, Pedro Alvarez #4. Which means Polanco hits #6 at best, but might be #7 if Jordy Mercer or the Korean FA signing Kang starts hot. (The shitty catcher-du-jour bats 8th.)

Pederson won’t start much higher, especially if J-Roll is pencilled in as the leadoff man, but J-Roll is 36 and that pencil is faint. The Dodgers will want to keep easing Pederson in, but as soon as he’s ready, he’s leading off.

Polanco struggles vs LHP, whereas Pederson has hit all pitching equally well.

Pederson > Polanco 2015. Pederson firmly third round talent. Polanco might have third-round upside, but is more of an eighth round pick.


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