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Saget/Nookie Transcript

March 5, 2015

I suppose I should get Saget’s permission before sharing his emails with me Nookie but we shoot first at GCBL Blog and ask questions later…


Hi Nookie,

I will be sending the following offer through the league e-mail engine too:

I would like to offer my #87 overall for your #65 overall and my #90 overall for your #76 overall…in return I would send my #92 for your #104, my #120 for your #177 (big jump), my #148 for your #188 (another big jump up), my #204 for your #216, my #245 for your #261, and my #316 for your #328…I think you will find that this will bundle a lot of picks and make them back-to-back so you have 2 consecutive picks in multiple parts of the draft

In summary:

I give you:  #87, #90, #92, #120, #148, #204, #245, #316 

   for your   #65, #76, #104, #177, #188, #216, #261, #328

Thanks….look forward to your reply

Sagets Sluggers


Sure, no problem.  But, I have to ask, how are you coming up with your formula for what picks to offer/trade for?  Just curious.


Thanks for the quick response.  I do mock draft sheets and pinpoint where I can move up or down depending on who I want to pick or where.  I will give you an example ( with a player I am not targeting): Let’s say I just have to have Brett Gardner and he is ranked #99 on yahoo and I hold pick #90… order to maximize my ability to pick Brett Gardner up I want to move up from slot 90 because someone may pick him up with their picks between 80-89. I try to move up to a slot where there is another player I want ranked at the slot I move up to but probably wont be there. Let’s say I trade slot 90 for slot 65 and nelson cruz is yahoo rank 66. Cruz will probably be gone but Gardner will probably be available.

So if I miss Cruz then I get Gardner who I wanted all along. The other aspect is offering a fair deal.

Let’s say at slot 120 the player I want is ranked yahoo at 280. Well I can move down significantly from slot120 to get my yahoo ranked 280 guy.  

I break up the draft slots from 1-60/61-120/121-180 and so on. If I want to move up within tier 1 (1-60) and I am offering a pick  from tier 2 (61-120)  lets say slot 120…..I multply however many slots I move up by a factor between 2 to 2.5. That’s how I offered 90 for 76 (14 slots up) in tier 2 and in return I offered 140ish for 200ish (60 slots) since I was offering a tier slot when I moved up within a higher tier I multiplied the slots I moved up (14) by 2.5 which was 35 slots. Thus if I send you 120 my asking price should start no higher than 160.

The other draft pick swaps where you moved up only 10-15 were sweeteners plus I got picks where I had back to back slots….less hassle.

I will do the math and send it to Copp….Thanks!


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