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Clap for the Wolfman…

March 17, 2015

Wolfman     (No, this guy wasn’t signed. Somebody else.)

The Jays, ever desperate to get older when it comes to starting pitching, have signed Randy Wolf to a minor-league deal which ends up being a touch above the veteran minimum if and when he gets called up.

On the one hand this corner is always in favour of bringing in veterans on cheap deals in hopes that slumping careers can be revived. I love the Justion Smoak play, and of course signing Michael Saunders is mostly about the player staying healthy (not off to the best start).

But this is different.

Randy Wolf is 38 years old, and has had one year since 2003 with a WHIP below 1.3: 2009. Well I guess it’s two years if you count 2013 which was totally lost to TJS. How this arm could possibly help a major league team after last year is anybody’s guess:

Randy Wolf, 2014: 4 GS, 5.26 ERA, 1.51 WHIP, 19/6 K/BB over 25.2 IP

The K/BB looks OK, but the raw K-count is borderline for the NL and the high WHIP makes one wonder how often he was just trying to get it over and hope people get themselves out.

I guess the plan is to have Wolfie shake off the rust in Extendo, then see what’s what in the high minors. I’m sure Jays fans will call this a coup, since it was “cheap”.

Except those high minors starts Wolfie gets will be starts some other 22-year-old prospect does not get. And in that sense, are they really cheap, or are they costing future regulars development time? Or is the system so barren, he Jays have no one to develop?

As Wolfman Jack said, “It all depends on how your boogaloo situation stands, you see?”


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One Comment
  1. Copper permalink

    I think the inference of picking up Wolf is that Castro and or Osuna is gonna make the big club and they will need an arm in Buffalo.

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