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Mendoza Survey Responses

March 26, 2015

Barry Zito, Stream-of-Consciousness Style:

I had a number of scenarios planned based on how the first round played out and when I could get a crack at some 1Bs.  Luckliy my Plan A worked out and then some.  I got Rizzo in the first and that opened me up to look at pitching early, gaining Prince Fielder helped me even more since I was convinced everyone and their dog was planning on Votto or Fielder before I picked in the third. 

“I had planned on getting Kluber in the 3rd but there was a ton of pitching available and I knew Underdogs had no interest in pitching (he was sitting beside me during the draft) so I took the best available in Strasburg.  I wanted Ryan Zimmerman and Jean Segura at times during the draft but they were snatched up.  Gyorko, Owings, Taylor were all part of my MI plan as they were buried in the Yahoo rankings and guessed they were not on many people’s radar. 

Late in the draft I was worried about power from my utility spots so I took Kendrys and Tex although I kinda had to plug my nose while I took them.  I doubt they last the season on my roster (i.e. traded).  Overall, I like my draft, I think I can compete with the hitting heavy clubs and still battle the pitching heavy teams

“I think my pitching is strong and that I can beat a number of the perennial playoff teams with it as things stand at this point, although I assume guys like CL and Saget will improve their pitching over the season.

“I am light in power and speed.  I made a concerted effort to draft better OBP guys this year but it didn’t translate in speed at all.

“I really like my team.  Balance was my goal.

“I was surprised that more teams didn’t commit to pitching after the success that Shagsters and Champion had late [last year] wiping people out sweeping all the pitching categories.  I hope Why Not Me sticks with it and shows new strategies can succeed here other than just having the most HRs.

“I think the strongest teams will be Burger,Slumpy, Assclowns, Why Not Me and don’t ask me why but I think Pimps has a team that he can work with this year.

[“Just like Saget, here I go:

Slumpy: Love his pitching, but after Trout and Harper I don’t see where the offense comes from.

Pimps: Tonnes of pitching, don’t like his depth but he can fix that.

Saget: Great draft, unorthodox pitching strategy could work…I see him dumping it mid season.

Assclowns: Great value early, didn’t like the picks 6-16 other than the closers…he could surprise again this year.

Champion: Preached pitching all off season then pussied when it came to crunch time.  I think he’s 2 SP short and light on power. [2 SP… “Short”… I see what you did there–Ed.]

CL: Drafted a crap load of hitting and speed.  Told him I didn’t like the Dee Gordon pick in the third and his pitching is a mess…lots of work for him to do in my opinion.

Cash Bail: Rookie rolled the dice and took Kershaw but kind of forgot about pitching after that.  Lots of risky picks like Fiers, Baez and Weaver.  Not sure how it will play in the league.

Coach:  Love this team…except he drafted Chew-nel which vetoed him from my top squads, haha…seriously though a nice team but light on pitching.

Nookie: Another great hitting team, gonna live and die with pitching.

Why Not Me: Spectacular pitching, Needs guys like Cano, Davis and LaRoche to have big years.  Probably moves a pitcher at some point if he can;t compete.

Burger: Started questionably with Jones (OBP nightmare), Pujols and 2 good 3B…it got better as the draft went on and built a strong team.

Mendoza: Boring and balanced.

Underdogs:  Good team, he at least draft some pitching this year.  MI’s great, CI’s not so much…it will be interesting to see it play out.

Shagsters:  Appears to me he fell into a value trap as he drafted all the falling players when he started picking in the 4th.  Don’t like his pitching and he doesn’t have a lot of names for his traditional big trades.  Going to be a long season for him if he can’t make up for the majority of his last 15 picks.


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