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Curacao Survey Responses

March 27, 2015

1. Did your own draft play out the way you wanted it to?

Absolutely. I had six guys I targeted in the first three rounds, and I got all six. Still pinching myself that Abreu was there at sixth overall. Had some contingency plans if guys dropped (such as GoGo dropping to 10th, or Tulo being there in the second round). But that never happened and I got who I thought I’d get.

I’ve come in for some abuse on the Dee Gordon pick but Billy Hamilton went before him and nobody’s said shit about that. Gordon hits for average occasionally, plays on a better team, and plays second base. If he does what he did last year (.289, 64 SB) that’s a first-round earn. Spring games don’t count, but he’s seeing the ball well (.344). I got the same shit for taking GoGo to start the second round last year, and that worked out OK.

2. Where did you end up strong?

I have an amazing set of first basemen (Abreu, E-5, Votto, V-Mart… in an OBP league those guys are all even better) and superior middle infielders (Gordon, Desmond, Segura, J. Ramirez). The ‘pen will be average-plus once the DL spots open up.

3. Where is your team weak?

Third base is a mess. I’m going to try to hold the outfield together with strong-side platoons until Pence comes back. I actually think the platoons will take a couple minutes’ effort each day but are going to work out OK. Seth Smith in particular has always crushed righties.

4. Do you like your team? Why or why not?

Yeah, because I got my top six guys, and when it was my turn to pick again there was plenty of serviceable pitching left. I’m going to throw about 1100 innings this year. If the ‘pen gets 400, that means I need 700 from the rest. 450 from (Ross, Cashner, Salazar) and 250 from (Niese, JoFer, and Garcia) gets it done. Brett Anderson is a lottery ticket for as long as he lasts.

5. Thinking more generally about the draft, what surprised you or didn’t go the way you expected?

Like Mendoza said, I expected more emphasis on pitching and it just never happened. I expected to have to draft more hitting once I started picking again in Round 11 and trade it for pitching but I didn’t have to do it.

6. Who has the strongest team?

The Computer loved Nookie’s team and I do too. I expect I’ll own half of it by Easter.

7. Is there a team you look at and wonder what on earth that owner was thinking? If so, what’s so bad about his team?

Frodo’s team and Shaggy’s team are just ugly.

Frodo has six guys in his starting lineup with injury history (Utley, Reyes, Wright, Cuddyer, Bourn, Pagan) and Betre is 50 years old. The pitching is top-heavy.

Shaggy has a bunch of no-names and I guess that’s by design, but while the top half of his team looks OK, the bottom half is abjectly terrible.  I have no idea who the hell Jose Peraza is, but I know the best defensive shortstop in baseball is blocking him in Atlanta. The Braves, rebuilding, have no incentive to either start his service clock or trade him. Shaggy improved his team by trading for Conor Gillaspie–’nuff said, Son!


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