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Let’s try this again. Who is Noah Syndergaard?

March 31, 2015

6932     The man himself.

On Saturday we posted a piece wondering why Shagsters continued to hold Jose Peraza. Two hours later, he was cut. So here’s the same schtick on Noah Syndergaard. Our league only has one NA spot, and Shagsters also rosters Joey Gallo.

Syndergaard is going to be a great pitcher, but he has the misfortune of being on the Mets, who

1) Don’t understand advanced statistics


2) Hate Noah Syndergaard.

To the advanced stats, well, I could highlight Syndergaard’s Major League Equivalents here, which were pretty goddamn good last year. You want a taste? How’s a 3.58 ERA and a 3.8 K/BB? But the Mets don’t trouble themselves with such things. All they see is this, assembled in the most hitter-friendly home park in all the minors:

Noah Syndergaard, 2014, Vegas, Baby: 26 GS, 133 IP, 9-7, 4.60 ERA, 1.48 WHIP

Yuk! And he’s only 22 he can’t be ready!

As to the Mets not liking him, there have been a couple behavioural incidents blown out of proportion. Shortly after the Mets acquired him, it came out that he jokingly called somebody a ‘fag’ on twitter. Then three weeks ago, after pitching but before the game was over, the Rookie got a bite to eat and David Wright trash-canned his food in front of the media. In neither case did Syndegaard grovel for forgiveness.

So with Zack Wheeler lost to TJS, Syndergaard wasn’t given a shot at starting. Rafael Montero is probably more ready anyway, but since the Mets are fucking stupid, Montero’s in the ‘pen and Dillon Gee got the job. And Syndergaard’s back in Vegas. Montero, of course, will be next up once Gee inevitably falters. (As we pointed out last year, Gee is an average-plus reliever, but a shit starter.)

All this shouldn’t cost Shaggy anything to NA Syndergaard and hope the Mets come to their senses sooner rather than later. Except yeah, Shaggy already has Joey Gallo on NA, and Gallo will get a shot this year for sure. The only thing standing in Gallo’s way is an injury to 540-year-old Adrian Beltre or 540-lb Prince Fielder, or, more likely, the revelation that yes, Mitch Moreland sucks old, sweaty, homeless cock. And then Gallo and his 35-40 HR power are up for good.

So to keep Syndergaard, Shaggy needs to run a blank. Not worth it, when he may never come this year.

Trade him or cut him, Son. Before the season starts. There’s no other play.

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  1. Shaggy permalink

    I can handle the blank. Unless you offer a legit trade involving him.
    PS my pitchers have changed. Send me San Diego now.

  2. Copper permalink

    Trade cleared….

  3. Copper permalink


    Height: 5-11
    Weight: 275
    Bats: L
    Throws: R
    Born: May 9, 1984
    Birth Place: Ontario, California
    College: None
    Draft: 2002 1ˢᵗ round (7ᵗʰ pick) by the Milwaukee Brewers

    Hitting .324 during spring training….stop being a hater ’cause I got him!

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