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Analysis: Encarnacion for Rizzo

April 2, 2015


Saget gives: Edwin Encarnacion

Mendoza gives: Anthony Rizzo

All right let’s get it out of the way. Mendoza has won the league the last two years, while Saget has been spinning down the toilet bolus. For that reason alone Mendoza will claim some deference here, and I guess that’s OK. But this is that Billy Beane type deference where people say “if anybody else made this trade, it’d get laughed off of Sportscenter“.

Edwin Encarnacion can hit. What I’ve noticed since I drafted him (and thankfully got rid of him at 100 cents on the dollar), is that Edwin’s walking is becoming a bit of a struggle. What has Mendoza done? He’s swapped the surging 25-year-old phenom for the hope that the guy on the wrong side of 30 can get last year’s stats again despite being physically hobbled.

Well, there is one other angle: as the picture suggests, Mendoza is a Jays’ Homer.

Burger’s bad. Dutch Boy’s bad.

But this is really really bad.

That’s how I first knew I was an ugly fucker: when I was six years old and met Michael Jackson and he told me we could just be friends. But this is the season’s ugliest trade to date unless Encarnacion figures out how to jog before being mercifully DL’ed.

Hey Saget: did you have this pre-planned when you briefly traded for E-5?


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  1. Steven permalink

    Nice analysis. I’m glad I have made your blog despite my lack of advanced analytics.

    Which source are you using that ranks Rizzo above EE?

    • Yahoo Rank of course. That’s all anybody uses in this league, right? E-5: 34; Rizzo: 26.
      To be serious, it’s an eyeball thing. Rizzo walks like you. E-5 walks like me.

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