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What’s in a name? Devon Travis vs. That Other Guy

April 2, 2015

I spent most of the winter calling him ‘Travis Devon’ but whatever: Devon Travis is getting the Jays’ 2B gig. Here are his Major-League-Equivalent stats from last year in AA:

Devon Travis, 2014 MLE: 396 AB, 7 HR, 11 SB, .258 (318 OBP)

Given the alternatives, if the Jays could lock that in at zero-growth for 2015, they’d probably take it. On balance, at age 23, there should be a little growth. Even at the bottom of the order.

Is that any good? Well, there is this other guy:

That Other Guy who plays 2B, 2014 MLB: 462 AB, 8 HR, 2 SB, .266 (.306 OBP)

That Other Guy won’t be hitting at the bottom of the lineup because well, that doesn’t suit him and he demands Respect. He’s got three years and $39M left on his deal, and he’s none other than frequent GCBL punching bag Brandon Phillips.

If Travis holds steady and Phillips rebounds a bit (at age 34 he may or may not), are they the same guy? I can’t really see the difference.

I guess the difference is $12.5M in salary, this year alone.


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  1. Copper permalink

    From what I have seen his offense is for real, I imagine he will exceed those expectations at this point. It’s more his defense that I think the Jays are worried about because Reyes is on the other side.

    Here’s hoping that the new turf is nice and high and slows those grounders down!

    • Nice high, Astroturf.
      I suppose if they water it and put miracle grow on it, you never know.

      Actually, I think they can make it whatever speed they choose. They run horse races on it in California…

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