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No Idea How Useful This Is/Will Be

April 3, 2015

If everybody else already knows this, well at least I learned something new today.

Mendoza snapped that Yahoo draft projection image and we posted it here. Turns out Yahoo’s going to run it all season long and there’s a pretty straightforward way to look at it — just use the Evaluate Trade function.

Click on any pending trade and click ‘Evaluate Trade’ and scroll down to the bottom and there is the hypothetical updated analysis, post-trade.

If there are no pending trades, start the process of proposing one. Choose your worst guy and choose an equally bad similar guy off another team. Try to pair them up by position and attributes. Crap catcher to crap catcher, or elite holds guy to elite holds guy might make the most sense. Or your worst guy against just about anybody on Frodo’s team. This doesn’t have to be exact but the closer you pair them up, the less the trade disturbs the projections.

Anyway, click ‘Continue’ but instead of sending the trade through, then click ‘evaluate trade’ on the subsequent screen.

Now some of the ratios are fucked up off and on, XBH goes out to some stupid number of decimal points when I did it, and I think most of Yahoo’s projections are horseshit anyway, but oh well. It’s there if you want it.


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