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First Caution of Sawx from Pace of Play Committee

April 10, 2015

You’ve heard all about it… batters aren’t supposed to step out of the box during AB.

Keep it moving. Hallelujah.

Well, NESN reports that the first member of the Red Sox has received a letter of formal caution. Hand-delivered by an MLB toady, the letter contained a video-link to the miscreant’s violation of stepping out of the box on a 1-0 count. Don’t do it again, Son. There’ll be a fine. Hallelujah.

GCBL Blog holds no love for slow play, and if Sawx or Bucs get fined, or one day, suspended, so be it.

Ok, so who got the letter?

David Ortiz was playing first, but it wasn’t Big Papi.

Shane Victorino started in right. He’s a serial equipment adjuster. But it wasn’t the Flyin’ Hawaiian.

Formally cautioned for stepping out of the box?

Clay Buchholz.

You, Mr. Buchholz, have been formally reprimanded by MLB for your second AB of the season. You are ON NOTICE. It’s going to be a LONG YEAR.


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  1. Steven permalink

    I would say after last night the whole team as well as the Yanks deserve one.

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