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Mailbag: ‘Are you out of your mind?’

April 10, 2015

CL you stupid fuck,

You go to the trouble of taking Votto #23 overall, mid-2nd-rd, and you trade him for, what, an 8th [Iwakuma] and a 12th round pick [Polanco]? Are you out of your mind?


Dear Rest of the League,

I don’t regret taking Joey Votto in the second round in an OBP league. I’d be a little bit happier if he started by hitting in the heart of the order this year, and maybe that’ll come, but even still. Votto’s a stud and I gave up the best guy in this deal.

I had to.

I needed another pitcher as with the new IP minimum I need three I can throw without fear. So Iwakuma joins Cashner and Ross. I’ll then need 1-2 starts out of (Niese, Martinez, Warren) while I wait for Salazar and JoFer to return. Pitching problem solved. At least for now.

I watch the Pirates every day and if I sound like a homer that’s too bad but I can’t really see the difference between Polanco and Marte. The difference in drafting position is that Marte has done it for two full seasons already. But this year I think their HR, SB, and OBP will be similar, with Polanco batting second getting more R and Marte batting fifth getting more RBI.

And look, draft position is just that, draft position. The day after the draft, where somebody was drafted means absolutely nothing to me. That’s why I’ve been bagging on the Beltre pick )2/16, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 0 SB, .125 OBP, 2 R, 1 XBH going into Friday night). Where somebody gets picked has nothing to do with future performance.

Votto’s a beast. I think I got two useful pieces in return, and I can live with that.




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  1. Copper permalink

    Translation – YAY MENDOZA!

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