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Sorry Dutch Boy

April 11, 2015

Svetlana recorded the following conversation Thursday…

Voice 1: Well I just think it’s funny that you rip the Phillies for their offence and you rip Aaron Harang and they went out last night and beat your Red Sox down on national TV.

Voice 2: Hold it, hold it…the blog GAVE OUT Frenchy as a slick pick-up. He hit the 3-run bomb.

Voice 1: Oh I saw his hits. He’ll be like a cult hero there soon enough.

Voice 2: And I posted it and do I get any credit for that?

Voice 1: Yeah but you probably scared [Dutch Boy] out of starting Harang. You owe him an apology.

Voice 2: I’m not going to say I’m sorry for his bad management.

Voice 1: You realize he’s playing [Frodo] this week, right?

Voice 2: Oh.

Voice 1: Yeah, so you helped [Frodo] here.

Voice 2: Oh.

Voice 1: How do you feel about that?

Voice 2: I actually feel pretty bad about that.

Voice 1: And?

Voice 2: I better apologize.

So yeah, sorry man. It was a wet, rainy night and the Sox were swinging at anything and everything and I should have known they’d want to get off the field ASAP.


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