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A Trade Offer Rejected, with commentary.

April 13, 2015

Hey Ultrasurblanco,

This trade has been rejected in Great Canadian Baseball League (2941).

Curacao Littleleague


Burger Piows

Francisco Rodríguez

Luke Gregerson

Jorge Soler

Comments from Burger Piows:

I think you better do better research on % owned. It includes keeper, NL and AL only leagues. Players like Red Sox and Yankees and probably the Jays players are ranked higher than they should be because they have so many more fans than other teams. If you want me to take you serious, use the draft result page for the first 10 weeks of this season, at least. I wont take a guy I could have just drafted instead. That’s just stupid. O-Rank also helps.

Our desk had hypothesized that Cashner or Ross might have been a decent swap for Soler, or (K-Rod plus Prado), or finally these two closers. Burger wondered how we could possibly think that, and we pointed to similar figures of “% owned” in Yahoo as a decent barometer in the Cashner attempt.

This rant came back about how Yankees and Sawx and perhaps the Jays are overowned.

I instantly got hard at the thought of any of these players getting traded to Boston in real life, but I went and checked the Google Machine and somehow the trade hasn’t come through yet. Goddamnit.

So that just made no sense.

Then he mentioned O-Rank. Goddamnit again.

Extra Bags, Getting Hard for Other Reasons Edition: Andrew Lambo’s extremely well-spoken and articulate mom is ridiculously milfy to be old enough to have a kid in The Show. I don’t know if you can google her, but, given Andrew’s 26, wow.


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