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Nookie’s Post-Draft Notes

April 15, 2015

Your contributions are always appreciated.–Ed.

“My draft played out good enough for me, as I had no expectations going in.  Certain players were there for me to grab when I was not expecting them to be there, which was kind of nice.  I tried to put more emphasis on hitter’s this year, since that seems to be the key to a team’s playoff hopes.

“I think my team’s strength will be my rotation, but not by much.  I probably took a few arms too early in the draft, but I have a soft spot for pitchers and I wanted to grab a couple before they ran out.

“I believe that my team’s overall weakness will be in riding my team too long before making a trade or two and thus sliding right out of the playoff picture. [YES! OFFER ON ITS WAY!–Ed.]

“I like my team because I think there is a good mixture of power, speed, actual hitting, and pitching.  I don’t think that my team is awesome in any one category, but pretty well balanced so that if I need to, I can trade some decent talent (while still retaining some decent talent) and possibly acquire a missing piece later on down the road.

“The only thing that caught me off guard was one player that I was really hoping for being grabbed a bit earlier that I expected, thus someone reached a couple of rounds before I was going to.  Maybe I can trade for him.

“I have not evaluated any other teams, so I cannot give you anything there.  But, I can say, based on that screen shot from the end of the draft, I kicked your ass on potential!  Now, with that said, I am pretty sure my team will not live up to 50% of their potential.  Fuck it, they look nice on paper.  Good luck this year and may you finish last.

“PS – Hopefully DAVID’s team will not incur a shit-load of injuries to derail his championship season.  That seems to make him a grumpy person.”


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