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Saget is, you know, Full of Shit

April 26, 2015

Saget gives: Jean Segura

Cash Bail gives: Sean Doolittle

This is a pretty even trade that improves both sides, but is worthy of note because Saget has been trying to dump Tyler Clippard on me. Now from what Saget’s been telling me, I’m not alone in not being interested. OK, that much I believe.

Far more disappointing is Saget’s sales pitch that Doolittle (or DoNothing, or whatever he’s calling him) is more or less cooked–Doolittle’s slightly torn rotator cuff, Saget has assured me (and probably you) means that Doolittle’s days as an elite reliever are done…never mind reclaiming the closer’s gig. Guy’s carrer might be over.

So Doolittle throws his first bullpen on Friday and there’s Saget leaping in, paying full value in Jean Segura.

No harm no foul, Saget paid plenty, but his antics over the last couple weeks have been oilier than usual.

Want reliable injury information?

Seek it not in Saget’s trade offer speeches. Stick with GCBL Blog.


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  1. elramaba permalink

    I learned from the master….CLL! Doolittle a handcuff….had extra SS, why not

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