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A Baseball Question

May 5, 2015

Copper writes:

Here’s a topic that Underdogs and I got into last nite. Early innings of the game, nobody out. Lead off hitter singles, #2 hitter hits a double and the third base coach stops the runner at third base. Throw to the plate was way offline but the coach stopped the runner. Glenn says the runner should have been sent to be aggressive early in the game. I say you play conservative because your number 3 hitter is coming up and you don’t want to be crying that he got out with Bautista and EE coming up.

Our opinion:

In that case, you hold the runners. Early in the game, heart of the order coming up. Lots of ways to score a run, single through the infield almost certainly plates two.

In general, I think holding the runners is the proper play.

I think I can carefully construct a situation where you send the runner home (and send the second runner to third):

–Late in a one run game

–Poor hitters coming up

–Very weak arm in OF

–Windy conditions and a grass field to fuck with the classic one-hop throw.

We note that such conditions did not apply here, with the possible exception of the rag-armed OF.

We also note that the throw being up-the-line is immaterial. Such things matter not because the runner needs to be sent or held long before this can be known.


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One Comment
  1. Tazman permalink

    For the record. It was the bottom of the 6th with no outs and the score was 0-0. Devon Travis was running hard from second to third, with no signs of slowing and Yes, I would have sent him. It’s a mental thing, the outfielder sees the runner heading home and rushes his throw and makes and error allowing Travis to score. Which is exactly what happened, the outfielder rushed his throw, missed the cutoff man and the ball went over the catchers head. Yes EE and Batista were up next but you can’t always rely on them to bring runs in. And what did they do for their at bats – both got out and Travis was stranded at third.

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