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Shaggy/Slumpy Trade: Meh.

May 11, 2015

Shagsters gives: Jason Kipnis, David Ortiz:

Slumpbusters gives: Ian Kinsler, Pablo Sandoval

Fox Television announced Monday that they’re pulling the plug on ‘American Idol’; here’s a trade of four guys that, like Idol, are living on past glories.

Ian Kinsler is 33, and that 30/30 season you remember happened before he was 30. Kinsler’s value is higher than it would be in Texas, but he hasn’t hit a home run yet and only has eight XBH on the season. He hasn’t hit 20 HR since 2011, and is no longer a top-5 2B.

Neither is Jason Kipnis; I’m not even sure why these guys were dealt for one another. Kipnis only hit six HR last year and should break that this year with three already, but three of last year’s bombs were in April as well. Kipnis always fades as the season goes along and Shaggy is likely lucky to be rid of him.

But he picked up Panda, 12-14-16 HR in the last three years, regardless of playoff heroics or marketing hype. Shaggy likely felt he was addressing a need, having inexplicably traded Arenado, but Panda’s not a top class 3B, or even in the second cut. Worse, Panda looks like getting platooned after a .683 OPS vs. lefties in 2013, .562 last year, and similar woes in 2015.

Shaggy sold low on Ortiz, but at age 39 I guess there’s the possibility of selling low and having him go still lower.

Slumpy edges this deal, but only just. It almost feels like “why bother”, but like Clay Acorn on the TV show I guess some people still remember these guys’ glory days as Baseball Idols.


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