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Jose Picks Up Scott Van Slyke

May 13, 2015

4475     The man himself.

Jose, perhaps at Josephina’s urging, picked up Scott van Slyke.

We will be less interested in van Slyke’s stats going forward and more interested in Jose’s Team Log. (Not to be confused with the 80s adult feature film “Jose’s Team Log” made by Pedro Norte, Peter North’s non-union, Mexican equivalent.)

We looked at getting van Slyke off waivers at the end of April–his stats were pretty good. They’re even better now. What scared us off was the combination of the Dodgers’ crowded outfield (now featuring 50% more Alex Guerrero) and the timezone thing.

You’ve already read as many articles as you want on the outfield. Now consider that the Dodgers start their games, on average, three hours later than do teams on the East Coast. In daily leagues, that’s a pain in the arse when you don’t know if a guy is playing. For everyday-when-healthy players (Puig, Trout, Cano…) you buckle up, drive by, and take your shot. For guys like van Slyke, it’s a dilemma.

There are ways to try to cover this off for West Coast guys. Get his backup or platoon mate. Get ANOTHER West Coast guy and check back closer to game time, hoping one of them starts. And so on. For us, we had better things to do with the roster spot.

If Jose can make it work, that’s great. Let’s see. A measure:

–Minimum of 10 AB/week in his team log for van Slyke

–Any time van Slyke in lineup and starting AB left on bench, subtract off that starter’s AB.


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