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The Full Ruggio

May 19, 2015

We avoid writing about other fantasy leagues in this space because that sort of shit is generally quite boring if you’re not actually in said other league. That said, Mendoza, Saget, and I are in another league… well, Mendoza and I are, Saget got kicked out today … and we’re posting this as a “Don’t Fuck With Saget” PSA.

Commish named Jared in the other league made a Frodoesque trade on Wednesday (Archie Bradley and Yangervis Solarte for Jon Lester) and Saget sent an e-mail around trying to round up veto votes. This desk voted to veto, trade vetoed.

Jared spent two days feeling sorry for himself on Smack Talk, and then reconstituted the same trade with a trash player tacked on the bottom of each side. Casey McGehee for somebody. So I posted a message on the board calling that pathetic and I got pushback from Jared-and-Friends. Saget sent another e-mail around trying to round up veto votes, while Mendoza thought we might get booted out of the league for bad behaviour.

Veto votes did not come, trade went through, so Monday morning Saget went full Ruggio. Full.

Saget did send me and Mendoza a note that he was obeying his inner Kim Jong-Un, and hoped we would not get caught in the middle.

Jared booted Saget after Saget sent another round of e-mails around titled “Jared Doesn’t Eat Subway, He Eats Dick”. (No word if this aroused Saget.)

I laughed so hard at the days antics back and forth that, much to Svetlana’s disgust, I shart my pants.

OK TMI, but this blog is always TMI.

So yeah: Don’t fuck with Saget.


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  1. Shaggy permalink

    So can I fill Saget’s spot in this league and get kicked out too?

  2. you don’t want to be in that league with a cheating pig bastard and a bunch of imbecile accomplices….not referring to copp or CLL of course

  3. elramaba permalink

    FYI……I finally got deleted when I changed my team name to “Jared HIV +”….Changed my motto to “Its not the size of the penis, but how many you suck….Jared 2015.” and e mailed him directly….”You haven’t deleted me yet? Oh by the way Fuck You”…… I was gone in 5 minutes…..awesome

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