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Saget/Coach Trade

May 27, 2015
PHOENIX, AZ - FEBRUARY 18:  Jesse Chavez #60 of the Oakland Athletics poses during Photo Day on February 18, 2013 at Phoenix Municipal Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona.  (Photo by Robert Binder/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Jesse Chavez, NINJA!

Saget Gives: Daniel Murphy, AJ Ramos

Coach Gives: Lorenzo Cain, Jesse Chsavez

Edge to Saget here based on Lorenzo Cain being on pace for 10/20 and Daniel Murphy losing the race with Father Time. Maybe given Murph’s outspoken comments on homosexuality, Father Time will sodomize Murph with an hourglass. Murph’s OBP is abnormally high, and that’s explained away by luck on batted balls.

I don’t think anybody, Coach included, would say that Murph is Cain’s equal. Coach is hoping to make up the difference by getting Ramos for Chavez. I’m not so sure.

Ramos seems to be the closer-of-the-moment for the Fish, but right now they’re not winning enough to know for sure. Ramos has had a history of wildness, and Cishek has looked pretty good since being (temporarily?) removed from the role. There are other options around. For better or for worse, the Marlins are nuts. Maybe this one works out, but if Ramos starts bouncing them he could be in New Orleans in a month.

Jesse Chavez, on the other hand, is a good pitcher, whether the A’s choose to use him as a starter or in long relief. He can’t win Saget a category the way Ramos might win Coach saves, but he’ll invisibly slightly improve Saget’s chances in 5 or 6 cats a week. When Saget wins WHIP by 0.02, ERA by 0.1, QS by 1, maybe, quietly, stealthily, that’s Jesse Chavez.


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