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Outgoing Mail: Jorge Posada’s Getting His Number Retired ?!

May 29, 2015

Wrote a friend about the impending retirement of Jorge Posada’s jersey, which I think is pretty ridiculous. (What do you think? Copper suggests a lesser honour.)

My penpal is a hardcore Yankees fan, and a sufficiently good Bridge player/numbers guy to have a nice sized page on Wikipedia. Our letters follow. As a side note, I like his conclusion, via his definition, of David Wells being a great Yankee. Wells was born to wear (slimming) pinstripes.

Hi man,

Here’s hoping you’re well.

Can you tell me, as a Yankees fan, does Jorge Posada having his number retired this summer seem right?

Stats page here:

Aside from stats, which are good but not great IMO, I always thought Posada was a jerk. Not just to the Sawx but an all around jerk. Like in his last season when, rather than hit ninth, he went home.

This all comes from Bernie Williams getting his number retired last night. I don’t like the Yankees, and Bernie Williams had a very-good-but-not-great career, so I’m not sure how deserving he is either. But Bernie Williams struck me as somebody I’d like to share a meal with. So if they want to retire Bernie’s number, OK. 



Hi Shawn,


They’re all great Yankees to me.  I didn’t like Posada’s last-season antics either, but I never thought of him as a jerk.  The catcher is the “enforcer” on the field, so sometimes he has to do the dirty work.  Back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s I went to many Yankee games with a good friend of mine who was a catcher in high school.  He loved being catcher, because he was involved in every play and could “control” the game.  He pointed out that Thurman Munson and Billy Martin had a “good cop – bad cop” routine (with the umps) that was a thing of beauty, because they could switch roles at will.  For a catcher, being a jerk (sometimes) is part of the job description.


Some of the guys getting retired numbers are marginal, for sure, but they were all essential members of multiple championship teams.  However, if they’re retiring these numbers, then they should also be retiring the numbers of Tommy Henrich and Allie Reynolds and Moose Skowron and Hank Bauer and Graig Nettles and Roy White and many more who are in the same class as “great Yankees” and “multiple championship winners”.  From the last 20 years only Jeter, Rivera and Torre truly deserve it.


By the way, “Great Yankee” is my own category.  Entry is not easy.  It goes to players that respond wonderfully to the pressure of playing in New York and perform beyond expectation:  Graig Nettles, Paul O’Neill, David Wells, Nick Swisher and more.  These guys LOVED being Yankees, and played like it.




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  1. Copper permalink

    I think its over the top and he’s not in the retired number class for sure. It shocks me Nettles is not honoured. He was a true 3B stud.

    • 100% agreed Nettles.

      Habs are doing it too, retiring numbers left/right. Ken Dryden played six years then quit to go to law school. He played on some very good teams, but did he really deserve to have his number retired?

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