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Shagsters/Slumpy Trade

June 3, 2015

Shagsters gives:  James Shields, Danny Salazar, Julio Teheran

Slumpbusters gives: Max Scherzer

Shaggy wins this trade because Max Scherzer is elite and he gave up rather little to acquire him.

Julio Teheran is pitching through an injury. If you don’t want to believe me, read FanGraphs, or the Atlanta Journal Constitution, or the Daily Revolutionary Mullah (not sure if they’re up in English).

This desk has never rated “Big Inning” Shields very highly and this year he’s kind of turned into a poor man’s Jack Morris. He’s pitched 68.1 innings and he’s given up… 15 jacks! Back in Tampa that’s be bad luck, but his new home park is pitching-friendly San Diego. His command is great (4.63… that’s elite) but it comes as a function of basically throwing batting practice.

Danny Salazar is the most interesting get, and assuming he sticks all year could have the best stats of the three by some distance. He too has given up HR at a troubling rate, but that’s going to get better. There’s risk here, but this desk drafted him in the 15th round and watched him not break camp with the Tribe. We held on til he came up and we’d do it all over again.

Scherzer is an ace. Shields and Salazar are mid-level fantasy starters, with Salazar possibly becoming mid-level-plus. Teheran isn’t really rosterable but I guess Slumpy wants to learn that bit the hard way. In the end, this mess of pottage doesn’t add up to a Scherzer.

Well played, Shaggy.


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