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Big Commish is Watching You.

June 4, 2015


Big Commish will watch over us, always.

Alas, what the Party had in 1984 that our Commish hasn’t yet mastered is the Memory Hole. The Memory Hole let past news just disappear–as if it never happened. So if Edwin Encarnacion happens to be hot, with a Memory Hole, Commish could just make slumps disappear by saying he was always hot. And people would accept it.

Consider this excerpt from Commissioner Note Week 7, emphasis added:

Shagsters, Burger and Jose show signs of life with nice wins too. Oh, and don’t look now but CL is back in a playoff spot.

An astute observation. But here’s the subsequent week 8 comment, after CL won yet again:

CL and Saget become playoff relevant after scuffling the last while.

So let’s see. I’m in the playoff places, I win again, and I’m now merely “becom[ing] playoff relevant”. Maybe Big Commish will *Poof!* that Week 7 Note down the Memory Hole, maybe not eh?

Look folks: in and of itself, this doesn’t count for a pitcher of warm piss. What’s written in the Commish Note doesn’t directly affect game play. But Commish can and does use it as a propaganda tool, so we all need to be aware of that. It’s important to not only read the Commish note carefully, but to try to figure out what he’s trying to pull.

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