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Svetlana’s Thursday Spy Wiretap

June 5, 2015

Voice 1: What’s shakin’?

Voice 2: Watching baseball. What are you doing?

Voice 1: Sneaking out of work.

Voice 2: What’s Dutch Boy thinking? I mean…

Voice 1: I KNOW. I don’t mind you talking to him in the Chatbox, but what the HELL is he doing throwing all five guys against me?

Voice 2: No idea! When I logged in, he was sitting Harvey and Bauer and starting his three scrubs so I…

Voice 1: Well, sure. I just don’t possibly understand how he could run all five, and…

Voice 2:…and run the risk of letting you back into the ratio categories.

Voice 1: Exactly. I can see him starting some guys. I can see him starting NO guys–he’s got great starts left Sunday. But why would he run all five here?

Voice 2: Trying to score the death blow perhaps? I think he’s nuts.

Voice 1: Just goes to show you never know how some people think.

Voice 2: Maybe he’s completely in love with his pitching?

Voice 1: His pitching’s fine. Three closers, hard throwers everywhere you look. But this makes no sense.

Voice 2: And you might lose to him.

Voice 1: Not when he doesn’t hit 22 HR!

Voice 2: True. He’s running an awful risk with that offence. If I was him, I’d trade Rendon.

Voice 1: I’ve been telling him that for weeks. Maybe it all works out, but he doesn’t need the risk.

Voice 2: If Rendon doesn’t run, how different is he from .. oh… Neil Walker?

Voice 1: I’ve been telling him Aaron Hill. I guess we’ll see.

Obligatory picture of Agent ELIZABETH for Directorate-S:

Keri Russell in the Americans


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