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Mendoza Q&A

June 8, 2015

“Drinking the Kool Aid” seems to be Mendoza’s expression of the day, both in the Commish Note and the Q&A replies below, and that creates interesting images of mass suic–[It wasn’t even fucking Kool-Aid. It was cheap ass, ripoff FlavorAid at Jonestown. It’s about time society got it right. We’ll shut this piece of shit blog down if we have to!–Kool-Aid Lawyers]

OK then! Let’s lead off with a video, and get to Mendoza’s replies after that.

1. How do you like the look of your team so far? 

    Looking up.  I like where I’m at.  I drafted with pitching in mind.  Normally, I would only draft one maybe two pitchers in the first 10 rounds.  This year I drank the kool-aid on pitching and drafted three guys in the top 10 rounds (Strasburg, Samardzjia and Iwakuma) and neglected my offense a little bit.  To this point I think my offense has been spectacular despite some questionable trades (Votto for Kluber, Fielder and Morales for Ellsbury and Santana) and its still performing at a high level.  Coupled with this are teams like CL and Jose who COMPLETELY ignored pitching for the first 10 rounds and have dynamite pitching staffs or results at least (I have no idea how CL is pulling this off with rookies and has-beens).  Makes me think next year’s draft will be completely upside down with hitting being super valued and pitching worthless.  Well, not completely worthless but you get the idea.

2. Do you think you’ll make the playoffs? 

     Of course I will make the playoffs.  I would say I’m gonna win again – did I mention the repeat championships and if it wasn’t for a tiebreaker three years ago I would be hoping for a 4peat? But that would be a little over the top wouldn’t it?

3. What are your team’s strengths? 

     I like my hitting and hope my pitching improves to at least league average.  When Ellsbury comes back[Is this a keeper-league now?–Ed.] I think I will be able to compete for speed for the first season ever.

4. What are your team’s weaknesses? 

    Pitching and apparently I will be relying on youngsters Pederson, Springer and potentially Correa to keep me afloat in Sept.

 5. Do you think you can fix the weaknesses on the wire, or would you prefer to trade? 

I think the only viable fix for any large issue is to trade.  Shaggy and CL actually haven’t been too bad this year.  I think I have made several trades more than last year at this point.

6. Does anybody else’s team stand out as strong to you? 

     CL, Slumpy, Nookie and of course Underdogs all have offenses that can swamp a fella at anytime.  CL has this pitching thing going that I don’t fully understand how he’s pulling off the insane stats he’s getting but I would hope that it will even out at some point.

 7. Anything else on your mind? (Anything at all?) 

I will be interested to see if anyone gained from drafting pitching in the first 10 rounds this year.  Coupled with that however is that there seems to be a market for starting pitching.  Very odd to me that not many valued it at the draft and now want some but they still don’t want to pay for it.  At this point I would say it would be easier to acquire a hitter like Stanton or Rizzo easier than someone like Kershaw or Harvey.


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