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Coach/WNM Trade

June 11, 2015

Coach gives: Gregory Polanco

WNM gives: Chi Chi Gonzalez

We’re not so sure by how much on this one but WNM won it.

We shipped Polanco to Coach awhile ago, and since then he’s been OK for Coach (7/25, 3 SB) but at least one and possibly two of those swipes might have been scored as defensive indifference. A third of the way through the season Polanco’s on 3 HR (slightly less than advertised preseason) and 16 SB (rather more) but he hasn’t contributed in RBI (15) or OBP (.310), and the XBH/H numbers (15/52) are middling because he’s getting sat against LHP. Fortune has favoured him because the Buccos didn’t see a single lefty in April, but that’ll change. There’s downside risk here, but Polanco’s still good for 20 steals the rest of the way even if he’s not on for much else.

Gonzalez has made quite an impression in his first two starts. He wasn’t part of the Rangers’ pitching carousel last year because he finished in High-A, but he opened this year in AAA and held his own in the PCL before getting called up. The danger here is K/BB: 26/19 in AAA this year followed by 4/7 in his brief Majors career. Assuming the 26/19 is fully transferable, that’s nowhere close to being enough. Even extreme pitch-to-contact starters need a K/BB of 2.0 to survive. In fantasy terms, they need 2.5 to contribute. A team K/BB of 2.5 puts a person next to last in the category in our league for the season–ahead of only Coach, ironically.

Coach knows he needs to fix his pitching, but this didn’t help. It cost him an OF3 in Polanco to try. Not the end of the world, but a poor move.


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