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Shaggy/Dutch Boy Trade

June 17, 2015

Dutch Boy gives: Nelson Cruz, Devon Travis

Shaggy gives: A bag of magic beans

Nelson Cruz is among the league leaders in everything but steals. He’ll always have an asterisk by his name for steroids, but his stats still count and the HR, R, RBI and so on just keep keeping on despite playing in a pitchers’ park. A top-10 contributor, a fantasy stud.

Before getting injured, Devon Travis was getting early ROY mentions. He’s back this weekend. It’s hard to see him continuing at that clip, but the entire Jays lineup is en fuego and he’ll be a massive offensive upgrade to Ryan Goins. Travis will get his stats as the Jays keep the line moving.

What came back the other way?

Not so much.

Andrew Cashner has ben terrible. Worse, his peripherals have been terrible so we see no underlying signs of improvement. 1.45 WHIP, 4.28 FIP. That’s not rosterable in our league beyond a spot start at Petco against a team that can’t hit. I’m ashamed I drafted him, but so happy he’s gone.

Josh Harrison is in a three-for-two playing time split spelling Gregory Polanco in right and Jung Ho Kang at third. That’s gotten more complicated with Kang getting some time at short (good for Harrison) but Sean Rodriguez heating up and getting time in right and at third (bad for Harrison). Barring a trade, and the Buccos have no screaming need, Harrison’s looking at 4 starts a week, occasionally 5. The Pirates being an East Coast team should help Dutch Boy get J-Hay in when he plays, and he offers a bit of everything, but not enough to move the needle anywhere. 4 HR through 235 AB, 7 SB (useful), minuses in OBP and (runs + RBI).

Ian Kinsler is on the steep descent of his career, the former perennial 20/20 threat has hit one home run this year.

Pablo Sandoval isn’t hitting his weight. While that leaves a lot of slack, the morbid obesity is an injury risk, but the .728 OPS limits upside anyway. Poor defensive play could see him lose more AB to Brock Holt. I guess that’s more time to eat.

So what the fuck happened here? Simple. Dutch Boy had a bench full of X’s yesterday and six more in his starting lineup. Nobody can run that lean. Sadly, Dutch Boy gave up a stud and a rising star to fill up on hopelessly empty calories.

Shaggy strikes again.


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