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Bread. Circuses. A Message Lost.

June 18, 2015

So there’s been much written this week about the Cardinals allegedly hacking the Astros. This blog, among others, published last year’s Astros confidential-data dump that was originally posted on Pastebin.

If the investigation bears fruit, it’ll turn out that it wasn’t some disgruntled Astros employee or ex-employee who leaked that shit, but an enterprising Cards staffer or staffers who figured ‘maybe Jeff Luhnow is using his old password in a new place’.

As can happen in such situations, the real crime here gets overlooked in favour of talking about something else. Everyone wants to go on about the hacking, or the Cardinal Way, or cybersecurity issues, or some bullshi like that.

The real crime is that upon return from his hamstring tenderness, Jose Altuve is hitting fucking third. Jesus Christ. The ‘Stros continue to make a mockery of baseball simply by repeating the mantra that “they are Sabremetric”. And the mainstream media nods and agrees.

There is nothing Sabremetric about hitting Altuve third. Nothing.

The Astros have been shit forever and they started this year hot. Fine, the Brewers started last year 20-4. The Astros have a better shot at making the playoffs than last year’s Brewers did because having blown for so long and having traded away so many major leaguers, their young talent is legit (particularly the pitching). Conveniently, there are fewer good teams in the division. Last year’s Brewers had to deal with the Cards (very good), Buccos (very good) and Reds (OK). This year’s ‘Stros have the Angels (still very good in my mind), Mariners (OK), and Rangers (outperforming in every way imaginable).

But hitting Altuve third is just fucking dumb, when Springer, Gattis, and Carter are all available to drive Altuve and Correa in. For that matter, while it makes little sense to hit Jason Castro third, it still makes more sense than hitting Altuve third.

But no.

And now there’s a convenient villain in the piece to give the Astros’ front office three-to-five more years to exhibit their Sabremetric ‘wizardry’.


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