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Possible Return of ‘Feature of the Week’.

June 22, 2015

For those who don’t remember last year’s fleeting exercise, this was Shaggy’s way to make the playoffs. Basically the way it worked was that Shaggy dangled a top-30 player on the message board as the ‘Feature of the Week’, in hopes that somebody would grossly overbid.

It worked, by times, because of the Illusion of Convenience. Proposing trades is hard work. This desk puts the effort in because we enjoy it, but it’s work nonetheless. Trying to figure out what the other guy needs and what he willing to part with, at first in a vacuum, can sometimes be a wild guess at best. Especially when you’re not sure how he values his guys. But Feature of the Week says “Here’s my guy, make me an offer”. Much easier.

So you know who Shaggy’s willing to move. You’re still not sure what he wants, but he isn’t either, because he’s trying to get the best possible package–part of which might become the following week’s Feature of the Week.

Of course, sometimes it didn’t work because nobody overbid. Shaggy needed to be certain he had the best of it before he’d pull the trigger. Feature of the Week will have a longer run this year if Shaggy’s willing to undertake some risk.


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