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Shagsters/Nookie Trade

June 22, 2015

Shaggy gives: Anthony Rizzo

Nookie gives:  Jose Bautista

Nookie wins this deal by getting the younger, healthier player and that’s the end of it. Let’s look at Shaggy’s possible rationales for making the deal, and show that even though he lost it, he might make it work.

Shaggy’s statement in the chatbox reveals he likes Bautista’s Yahoo eligibility:

  • Yesterday, 11:23 PM
    We will see. I like his 1B/OF eligibility. I still need to figure out 3B although it’s not very deep this year with top tier guys.

and I actually think Shaggy’s got this backward. Fantasy OF eligibility isn’t worth much in a 4 OF, 2 Util league, and it carries with it the real-baseball danger of Bautista sprinting and throwing himself to the carpet trying to make plays. Bautista has a long injury history and generally dogs it for a month or two each season. Maybe he’ll have less desire to fake injury with the Jays winning–note his recent miraculous recovery from not being able to lift this arm to comb his hair coinciding with the Jays getting hot.

The other side to this play is Shaggy noticing Rizzo slowing down, at least in terms of stealing bases. Rizzo has 10 on the year, but only one in the last 30 days. So Shaggy thinks he’s clever selling high on that. But Curacao Nookie has those stats too and was never paying and buying for speed. Power only.

Where Shaggy can still come out ahead is by quickly flipping Bautista to one of the league’s pathetic Jays Homers for far too much in return. And you know that’s the play here. The Jays fanbase is pretty sure all the team needs is a closer, and in the meantime they’re still scoring a shitload of runs and wouldn’t it be fun to own Bautista. And Shaggy’s going to make them pay–presumably with a 3B-plus much, much more.

To these lost souls, all I can say is that Pillar’s much much cheaper, and he’s a blossoming stud.


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