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Dodgers’ Defensive Alignment Stupidity

June 25, 2015

Giving Adrian Gonzalez a day off is a good idea. This lineup card is a very bad idea:

E. Hernandez cf

H. Kendrick 2b

J. Turner 1b

S. van Slyke lf

Y. Puig rf

A. Guerrero 3b

J. Rollins ss

AJ Ellis c

C. Frias p

You might argue with hitting Puig as low as fifth. Fuck, I’m surprised Mattingly didn’t have him pitch.

But why are three guys out of position? Van Slyke has played more first than either Turner (some) or Guerrero (none) in recent years, so let’s have him play there. Turner is fine at 3B, while Guerrero is not really a defensive option anywhere in the infield. So Turner at third, thanks, and Guerrero (much) farther back.

Let’s hope this is a typo, or mattingly comes to his senses, or MLB takes over the Dodgers again in the best interests of Baseball.


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