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The Meeting 2: Trading Anthony Enron

June 25, 2015

Tonight’s another big night out with Mendoza and Dutch Boy as we try to help Dutch Boy rescue his team, losers of three on the trot and trailing 11th-placed Assclowns this morning.

Dutch Boy wants full market value for Anthony Rendon, which in my opinion, like Enron shares, isn’t that high. This desk has dropped out of the bidding, instead raising the Jolly Roger and securing Neil Walker on waivers. Walker’s hitting clean-up in Pittsburgh and if Rendon isn’t running I think they’re the same guy. As long as Rendon stays in the 0/0 club, Walker might be miles better.

Mendoza has been encouraging Dutch Boy to pack in a Matt Harvey-type with Rendon to try to improve the return. That kind of makes sense, but nobody’s paying for pitching these days, so it’s probably just subterfuge on Mendoza’s part so he can trade for Harvey later from the third party.

From Mendoza’s side of the table, Manny Machado’s been looking awesome and Mendoza has this nagging feeling in his knees (both of them) that perhaps he should be out in the marketplace trying to sell high.

Should be a fun evening.


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