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Saget/Coach Trade

July 5, 2015

Saget gives: Jason Hammel, Joey Butler, Steve Pearce

Coach gives: Chris Carter, RA Dickey

This one comes out fairly even as it winds up being the well-traveled Carter, a plus-bat, for Jason Hammel a plus-arm. May they each help their new owners.

Littering the deal are Pearce (unsustainably good stretch last year), Butler (unsustainably good stretch this year … how unsustainable? How’s a BABIP over .400 get you?), and Dickey (a nice year in 2012 that got him a nice contract). None of these three are really rosterable going forward and the sooner the owners involved figure that out, the better off they’ll be.

OK, they’re lottery tickets, and Saget shipped out two-for-one, but given how little Saget valuesw pitching, this doesn’t really seem like a big deal. Each team got one good player. Well done.


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