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Cash Bail/WNM Trade

July 7, 2015

WNM gives: Chris Sale, Sal Perez, Omar Infante

Cash Bail gives: Jose Iglesias, Torii Hunter, Joakim Soria, and what must have been the hottest web sex ever.

This is an even deal… without Sale. Perez is slumping a bit this year but is still a must-start in any league. Omar Infante is nothing, but coming back the other way is a closer with Goperitis in Soria, Iglesias, and Hunter. Iglesias and Hunter combine as a 20/20 player (what Iglesias giveth in OBP, Hunter taketh away) but require two roster slots to accomplish the feat. That’s actually then Sal Perez plus finding two-more-somethings to cover off the closer and the 20/20. Decent deal both ways.

But one of the two somethings…

…is Chris Fucking Sale. 112 innings of a WHIP under 1.00 and a K/BB over 6.00 to date. Holy fucking shit.

Let’s face facts: Cash Bail is 34 games out of a playoff spot with eight teams to pass.

[Cue Jim Mora voice:] PLAYOFFS ??!?

She’s got a better shot of getting Dzhokar Tsarnaev released on his own recognizance pending appeal.

But that’s good news for those of us actually thinking about the playoffs–and bad news for teams like ours that have to play her again beforehand.

It’s a great trade for Cash Bail, and gives her every shot at making the Coach Bracket.


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