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Nice Touch in Pittsburgh Last Night

July 8, 2015
The man himself, still in a Pirates cap.

The man himself, still in a Pirates cap.

Clint Barmes, the career .246 hitting utility infielder, shuffled off to San Diego from Pittsburgh  this past winter with Jordy Mercer coming into his own and the team splashing out for Jung Ho Kang. 36-year-old Barmes played three years in Pittsburgh and has carved out a very nice living over parts of 13 years in the bigs as a guy who’ll do whatever’s asked of him.

San Diego came to town for their only visit this week, and Barmes got the start Tuesday night. Before his first AB, the road player got his walk-up music, which confused him, and an out-of-the-dugout-and-‘pen Standing O from Pirates players, as the crowd went absolutely berserk for a role-player on the first playoff teams in over 20 years.

Barmes managed not to cry, barely, struck out, and was curtain-called for his trouble.

Extra Bags:  Monday night’s umpiring at PNC left much to be desired. This is what passed for a foul tip:



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