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Getting Out Front.

July 9, 2015

This desk has gotten a couple questions as to why we made two trades for ace-pitchers in the last week. Here’s the reasoning, which you’re welcome to rip apart. It boils down to acting first, not playing catch-up:

1) Weather’s warming up. Balls are going to fly out of the yard at an increasing rate. This means premium pitching has greater value in the second half.

2) Other things beside warm weather conspire against younger pitchers. They’re starting to bump up against innings imits, justifiably or not. It’s their second or third time facing some teams, so the major league hitters are making adjustments. Once again, the gap widens between “potentially useful young arms” and the aces that get it done year after year.

3) At some point, in our league, there’s going to be a feeding frenzy for the last ace or two available. I have no desire to be part of that bidding war.

So I moved A-Gonz, Posey, and Matt Cain (who would no longer make the end of my pitching bench) for Felix and Greinke.

It’s possible I overpaid. I don’t think so, I think both deals are pretty even.

Pitchers are fickle beasts who hit the DL more often than position players do, and usually for longer than position players do. And that kind of sucks in terms of taking on risk. But I wanted to build a staff to try to compete, and I wanted to act instead of react to the other playoff teams. So I took a shot the week before the All-Star Break. The guy I bought were historically healthy and pitch in pitcher-friendly venues, Greinke in the NL

No regrets.


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