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Shagsters/Assclowns trade

July 11, 2015

Shagsters gives: Howie Kendrick, Cody Allen

Assclowns gives: Dee Gordon

This one’s pretty even on its face–and that’s because this desk probably likes Dee Gordon more than any other owner in the league does. (Recall we took him third round.) Cody Allen’s a useful closer and Howie Kendrick is average-to-average-plus at everything when you consider he plays second base. But we do like Gordon, and would jump at the chance to get him. Gordon does all the little stuff right for fantasy owners.

Equally interesting here is that Shaggy dipped his toe into the closer game and promptly walked away. We’ll see how that plays out but it might prove to be the zig when Shaggy should have zagged. There’s two days of play left this week but if things hold fairly steady the league’s top four teams will have pulled away from the rest as the all-star break hits and the fantasy regular season is fully 2/3 complete. This leaves only two musical chairs for the rest of the league’s playoff seats. Punting categories can’t be the smart play, can it?


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