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Yahoo’s Position Eligibility Sucks

July 11, 2015
Miguel Sano, Shortstop???

Miguel Sano, Shortstop???

So I’m running Miguel Sano at my shortstop spot and I mean, c’mon, that’s FANTASY baseball. Sano is 6’4″, 260 and serving as the Twins’ everyday DH.

This is like Yahoo letting you run Shaq at point guard because Shaq once pointed at somebody and said “I’m guarding him”.

I can see Yahoo, or any fantasy league, starting guys off with Last Year’s Position, even if everyone knows the guy is moving. Like HanRam. Sure, everyone knows HanRam was moving to left in 2015, but who’s “everyone”? But that’s not Sano. Sano did not play in 2014 because of injury. In his time in the high minors in 2013, Sano played 64 games at third… and that’s it. No short, no first. Third base only.

Players sometimes gain position eligibility in season–too easily in Yahoo in my opinion, but never mind. Sano isn’t that guy either. Again, 63 games at third, and that’s all:

The joke is that there’s a shortstop inside Sano ready to break out, but Sano’s stomach juices are breaking him down.

A bigger joke is how Yahoo calls him a shortstop.


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